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The almighty lady asks

The almighty lady asks:

«Who doesn’t say fuck capitalism?»

I say, that I don’t say
That or anything else
Which might take from me
My holy-given hands and feet.

A Rand is the curator’s subtile reference,
The macho-bureaucrat pushes workaholic’s CDU preference
Mario Savio underlines the speech on man-made potence!

With a flower and some sweat,
I do promise you, The Lourdes Almighty Lady,
I for sure can stop the industrial threat.

Human dignity or artist slavery
Social justice by our hands or
Social democracy by states’ own friends?

I, I will always stand for humans.
I venerate both groups and individuals.

But tell me please for righteousness’ sake,
Is it ‘somehow possible that we are all stuck,
And this poetic socialism is probably a bit fake?

Oslo, 11.02.2014



The definition of art by Jenifer Allen

Everything was all together,
And then they split.

Not before the Renaissance, I mean
I mean, you know the split,
the Kantian split, I mean.
I mean the fucking fuck,
You know, I mean it was him who did
the fucking needed fusion,
I mean, this is all we need:

Not good, not true, not useful, not beautiful!

I mean, listen to this rythm,
This is the first song about feminism.

Berlin, 05.02.2014


70 Sinnatagger Ingensteds

installasjonsbilde fra Ingensteds 12. februar 2014 foto: Alf Martin Lie

70 Sinnatagger at Ingensteds (detail)


70 Sinnatagger Ingensteds-1



20. mai 2014
Skrevet av Marianne Zamecznik

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