Siren Elise Dversnes Dahle



Destruction is to negate the construction, and then again deconstruct something. We have to go back to childhood. Children need to construct and then again destroy what they have done. This is a normal gesture. This is not bad, is it? But as adults we go NO! We try to… Limit. It’s not a destruction. It’s another way to see the world. We have to go back there, and then Gramsci helps us. We see revolutions today. In Ukraine, or whatever, how complicated it is. To destroy a system, even a corrupt system, it’s hard. The destruction forces you to see things in another light.


Thomas Hirschhorn (Kunstkritikk, mars 2014)


BA eksamen detalj Gaza Kollaps av snø Oppstadvev detalj Oppstadvev hele OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tysk kollaps

24. mai 2014
Skrevet av Marianne Zamecznik

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